Tricks to go perfect in your wedding photos

Tricks to go perfect in your wedding photos

Your wedding photos are one of the most important things of the day as it will allow you to save and share every memory with anyone, for many years go. It is a very important moment and it is essential that you get the most out. So we’ve compiled a number of key tricks that you must follow to get perfect in the pictures of your wedding.

The photographer

You need to choose a good photographer, you have shown your work and have a style akin to you. Equally important it is to have a good relationship of trust between you, that allows you to explain well what you want, and foster a good environment to work.

The nerves

To exit heating in the photos, one of the key things is to be relaxed. Nerves are reflected in your face and so the photos do not come out so well. Calm your nerves, relaxes muscles and helps the photographer asks, he will tell you to do.

Study your face

To know the gesture with the best sales in the pictures, what is your good profile or position that most suits you, you can see pictures of you, to see which ones best salts, which have in common.

Rehearse the pose

Once you’ve studied your face, tested positions in front of the mirror and even take test shots.


It is the happiest day of your life, smiles and natural, the happiness of the moment is undoubtedly your most powerful weapon of beauty.

Sarena Summay

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