5 Recommendations To Grow Hair

5 Recommendations to grow hair

The vanity of most women, if not all, it is the hair … That’s why today I bring you a couple of tips, so that not only you keep it healthy, but you to grow as fast as you can to imagine.

1. Brush your hair twice a day: you brush it once in the morning and then at night, this will cause the hair follicles are stimulated and begins to grow; Please note that only recommend doing it twice in the day, if you do it more often you could mistreat.

2. Become braids: Preferably at night, it’s good to sleep you collect the hair with a braid, it is a convenient way to take care that your sleep will not fall for some extraordinary reason and helps growth.

3. Do not use dryer: Put aside the heat artificial dryer and allow your hair to breathe a little easier without surround himself with the high temperatures, This will prevent the ends open and you allow free growth … If use is essential, even for a few days, you will notice the difference.

4. Avoid washing your hair every day: For some this may sound scary, but is advice we should all follow. The shampoo and conditioners are very strong chemicals that weaken the hair when used too often, that’s why sometimes you feel brittle and shine ; so it is only recommended to wash two or three times a week.

5. Often cut your hair: It may sound contradictory, but in reality you have to do is cut the ends, which are the most affected with your recurring pressed or excessive hair treatments, this way you allow to return vitality and stimulates growth.

Sarena Summay

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