How To Know What Kind Of Face I Have

How To Know What Kind Of Face I Have

Among many of the questions that every day we do the girls, it is what kind of face I have? And it’s no wonder, then know what kind of face is that we have facilitated our choice of makeup, accessories , hairstyles, hair styles; and likewise directs us to another kind of “tricks” that we can discover and use daily to feel beautiful.

Then I will make a brief summary of the types of face that exist, their characteristics and the end will complete with a video taken of Secrets Blog Claire , who will illustrate a little more about it.

Round 1: As the name implies, has a look round, where the chin is short and generally not present any salient feature.

2. Heart: It is characterized by a front wide and defined, very high cheekbones and finally the jaw or chin with sharp termination.

3. Square: This face is the forehead, cheeks and jaw with a width similar, where cheekbones and chin are aligned.

4. Lengthened: usually resemble the oval, but is slightly longer and thinner, the main feature of this face is a pronounced chin.

5. Oval: Finally, we say that this face is the “universal face” and has an almost exact symmetry, where the forehead is wider than the chin, the chin oval ends and protruding cheekbones so delicate and strong .

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