Braids: trend for brides 2014

Braids trend for brides 2014

The hairstyle of the bride is one of the key elements of her look for her big day. Your choice can make the whole look more romantic, have a more casual look, which is more sophisticated or give it a vintage touch to your look. Well, if there is a hairstyle that is fashionable among brides this year, that’s the braid.

You wonder who has this hairstyle makes has become a favorite of brides for 2014. One key is their versatility: the braids blend perfectly with all kinds of looks and because they can show off in a infinity of different hairstyles, they can also accommodate all brides, whatever their style or shape of your face.

If you want a youthful look and to provide a touch of playfulness to your bridal look, you can bet for wearing braid life: in a braided ponytail. This simple, flattering hairstyle will suit you very well if you’ve thought in a rural wedding, in which case you can also decorate your braid with wildflowers and even put a wreath to complement.

If your idea was a sophisticated and elegant wedding with a bride look more classic, you can opt for a picked-based braids. A single braid around a ballerina bun, braids intertwined as part of a collected themselves, two side braids ending in a bun … The possibilities are endless and in all cases you will get an original collected, processed and very fashionable .

Have you ever thought or wear her hair down slightly? In this case there are hairstyles with braids that you may favor. So you can opt for a small side braids gathered in the back to remove some hair on your face and soften your features, to bring all loose hair and wear a small braid on one of your locks or wear a braid a diadem for her hair, a classic that never out of fashion when braids and loose hair it is.

You see, there are many options if you want to look like a braid hairstyle protagonist of your girlfriend next season. It only remains to choose your favorite.

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