Luce a perfect feet on your wedding day

Luce a perfect feet on your wedding day

The face, hair and even hands … are elements that brides focus all our attention on the set-up for the wedding, but often neglect other equally important area of our body: feet.

You may think that with the arrival of autumn, you no longer need to look for a perfect feet and your link is not so often opt for sandals. However, nothing is further from reality. A few feet well cared not only look better in your wedding photos (remember that you might photographed putting on shoes or barefoot when you’re wearing), but also allow you to enjoy your day without pain or discomfort.

The first thing that you must have consider is hydration. Feet that suffer dryness tend to sweat more and is easier to get them out in the dreaded blisters. If you do not remember hydrate start a few weeks before your link.

It is sufficient to apply a moisturizer at the end of the day so soon you start seeing the results. Nor should you miss the opportunity of your wedding to pamper you a little closer to your feet and exfoliate.

It is something most do not and that is a great not only aesthetic but also for the care of this part of our body difference. No need to go to a specialist. Market and sell exfoliating mineral-based formulas that allow you to remove these traces of dead skin and impurities. And finally, do not forget the toenails. Nothing is worse in a photo that poorly manicured nails and that also applies to this part of our body!

Do not forget to go to a beauty salon or opt for a home pedicure, if you know do it (remember not just filing and trimming nails). Having done all this, your feet will be perfect and ready to say yes I want. Now missing only find the right shoe!

Sarena Summay

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