Speed ​​up your beauty routine

Speed ​​up your beauty routine

When you do not have time to apply your mascara and define your face well with the illuminator as an expert, these clever tricks shorten your routine beauty five minutes! So, go ahead, you have permission to sleep about 20 little minutes.

Start at night: to brighten your complexion, wash your face before going to sleep and, if necessary, use your scrub to remove dead cells. If you do not want to use (or buy) a night mask on your face apply your favorite moisturizer, for sunrise fresh and soft.

Arrange your tools: You spend a lot of time looking for the right pencil in your makeup bag. Best arrange them in your bathroom / drawer / table in a specific order, so you can use them quickly and finish in just a couple of minutes.

Rule 3: When you’re in a hurry, ask yourself: What makeup tools you like take on a deserted island? We know what they think, why make when it’s important to have water or food?

It is only to illustrate this step: the most important tools for your routine are what you use when you’re just in a hurry. Mascara or eyeliner? Balm or lipstick?

Multipurpose Makeup: Pink lipstick can also be flush the mascara can use it to line the eyes. The fewer tools you use, you will end up faster, so take advantage!

Focus on one area of the face: You only have a minute? Concentrate all your efforts in one part of the face. Do? Lips eyes? cheeks? You decide, but have to work all you can to get attention in one step.

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