The Best FashionChanges

The Best FashionChanges

The evolution of fashion has served to every woman to obtain their identity, is preferred as the best way to dress and feel calm and safe. Over the years, trends and looks have been mixed, but there have been few that have won the hearts of the girls.

The evolution of fashion has been extensive and have arisen looks that have not been well pleased but if there are others who have made an impact through history even they remain the same.

For example, despite the time, one of the trends that had impact was created by Coco Chanel. Thanks to them the idea of the corset is stopped and started garments designed to give him more movement, freedom and comfort.

Although the change was dramatic, the girls of the time felt it was something they needed, without fear that they see something wrong or had to hold his breath, so clothes take the form they owed.

The look that followed and had a better reception than the last, was the arrival of trousers for women. Coco Chanel was also the one who had the great idea to imagine and carry it out. They were wide designs, mostly in jeans and worn type. They used short or long, but the goal was that they could wear during the week for work and on weekends to rest.

But everything evolves or is repeated but with some changes, returned the era of elegance and star element was the long skirt.

This type of design stylized figure of the girls and seasons that are living in the middle of 2014, is again perceived garment designs with this style. The good news is that not everything good was destined for outer clothing and use every day.

They were also designed options for when the girls go for a walk and that’s where the bikini was born. It was the feeling, because it was the only swimsuit, allowing better tan and of course, exhibit a beautiful body.

Back to the topic skirts, after living some time with long skirts, it was necessary to have a radical change, so miniskirts emerged.

For many it was something strange and shocking, but for others and especially for girls, was a great idea to show her legs and knees up without them look vulgar. It was a much more modern concept, compared with pencil skirts, which also greatly limited the movement and how to combine them.

To test miniskirts, she was born the famous Gogo style, one that is characterized by wearing long boots, almost to above the knee and one way or another, begin a process of freedom for women, which had been very far in decades above. In this process, each woman decided how to dress and be absolutely beautiful.

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