Ten rare beauty tips that famous use

Ten rare beauty tips that famous use

Have you ever wondered what is it that celebrities and top models being made to achieve always perfect? Do not blame yourself, many we have, and that is that however much we try and try treatments, doctors and cosmetologists is much too complicated to achieve always be 100, like them; So in “De10.mx” We’ve collected some beauty tips that they themselves have confessed. And as he mentions Characters Mx, favorite of the famous recommended by experts and approved by women who have already tried these tricks are easy to do and oddly enough, give an excellent result. Notes!

1. Healthy and white teeth. Many who have tried this mixture complain about the taste you have, but the results are excellent, just ask Gwyneth Paltrow, who has been a fan of mouthwash with coconut oil to help the teeth whitening and gingivitis prevention.

2. Goodbye cellulite. Nothing cheaper and easier than something we all have in our kitchen: coffee. According Halle Berry, the body scrub done with coffee powder mixed with bath gel is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite, then activates blood circulation in the legs.

3. Beautiful nails. Julia Roberts was the one who recommended to spend a little olive oil in order to maintain nails and cuticles beautiful skin, and this creates a barrier lipids that help your skin retain moisture longer.

4. Long-lasting lipstick. Tired of your lipstick does not last anything? This is a favorite tips Hollywood divas, and that did you know that gelatine is a great pigmenting? The trick used by the best models is simple: soak a cotton ball in water and use it to put powder to make strawberry jelly on the lips.

5. Remover mascara Yes, we know that one of the worst parts of makeup, is to remove everything before sleeping, especially if you use a waterproof mascara; therefore, large famous makeup artists recommend using oils which are excellent to remove it and also keep the skin hydrated.

6. Extra shiny hair. Ever had heard that cranberry juice is used for that? Well according to the beautiful Nicole Kidman, the shiny hair is guaranteed if after washing your hair, you pour a glass of this juice and then withdraw it with water …

7. Soft and rejuvenate face. It is a fact that honey facial masks are great for this, but if you add fruit, are super efficient, revitalizing and moisturizing. Anne Hathaway used banana and honey, and Emma Watson prefers mixed with papaya.

8. Goodbye to damaged hair by the pool. This remedy is endorsed by many models and actresses who prefer having blonde hair. If the pool after your hair turned green, it is advisable to mix 8 aspirin tablets in a glass of warm water and put on dry hair; after 15 minutes and removed with a bathroom.

9. Increases the volume of your lips. Leave aside the “fashion” to do and seem a Kardashian, because the mixture of peppermint oil and pepper is much better, or so it says Mariah Carey who said that because pepper increases blood circulation, it manages the lips look more bulky.

10. No more split ends. Are you sick of split ends? Here, although very strange ideal solution, according to the cosmetologist Cris God is great. The procedure involves twisting a strand of hair and pass the flame of a candle; known as velaterapia, this serves to eliminate split ends and seal the hair.

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