Sweaters For This Season

Sweaters For This Season

The sweaters have become the perfect complement to many girls getting dressed and they can generate a very casual and easygoing look or something more elegant and good is that trends, colors, materials and designs are varied so there are plenty to choose from. Sweaters for this season.

We are in full entry of autumn and winter to end this year and we must begin to identify new trends and know what is best is according to other clothes closet, climate and body shape, not seen or wide or dowdy.

Sweaters, wool, materials that protect from the cold and the rare but attractive designs that are being imposed, is what draws more attention to this time, they are also much tighter without exaggeration, giving more body shape.

The good news is coming out with almost everything and can generate a formal or casual look, depending on what you want every girl.

The colors are different, the textures too, some may become slightly thinner and perhaps others, are part of a movement like the animal print or cosmic trend.

Currently they are being used a lot with skinny type jeans and denim or silk blouses and closed neck beneath them. Another trend is focusing on urban, but without neglecting the Warm feature.

Precisely in the cities it is where usually concentrate more cold and where people have to be out every day on the streets.

In this field, sweaters, you can you characterize for being a little thicker, being of flat tones, with some ethnic decorations or use of more natural materials such as wood. They can be as coats, such as bags, jackets or vests.

In the case of formal, girls prefer those who are very thin, those with floral prints, and handle pallets in pastel colors, earth and black and white. Sometimes, like blue or dark red wine, they can be perfect too. Often used with black pants or skirt.

For those who are a little more daring in their looks, they are the sweaters that are a little looser, can be thick or thin, open and textures and geometric prints. In this case, the color palettes ranging from the planes but alive, until the most striking combinations as 5 tones.

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