Beauty treatments that will help you get about three months before the wedding

Beauty treatments that will help you get about three months before the wedding

If you’re like most brides and marry this year, chances are you’re already in the final stages of preparations. Therefore, you should be very clear what the “tinkering” last minute that you realize yourself to be perfect for your big day are. And, even if you think you’re all done, as far as beauty is concerned the last moments are the most important time to get ready for the wedding. These are the care, treatment and advice to keep in mind in the last months before the link.

Hair and makeup tests

They are fundamental to the brides. If you have prepared in detail every aspect of your big day, these two elements can not be less.

You must go to your beauty center, hairdresser or makeup artist chosen at least three weeks before your link to advise you on the type of cosmetics and hairstyles that are best adapted to your style and make you several tests. It is the best way to ensure the desired result on day B.

Skin cleansing

Facial yes, but never in the days before the wedding. It is essential that your face is clean and free of impurities on your big day, but do not forget that in the cleaning of face abrasive products are used and your face so manipulated that can get you some signs and markings, although they disappear in a few days, they can spoil more than a photo if you have done the treatment with very little room before the wedding. It is advisable to do so, at least one week before the wedding.

Design eyebrows

It is essential to look perfect that your eyebrows are plucked well, although this is usually a facet that many neglect. Do not be carried away by laziness and comes just weeks before a beauty center or your own makeup, so for this part of your face. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Do not shave the day

Seize the day before your link or even two or three days prior to doing so for the same reason as in the previous case. Your skin may be irritated or signals that make your effort to look perfect go against you.

It provides vitamins and freshness to your skin

Maintaining a supply balanced with the necessary contribution of nutrients is vital to wear a perfect face before your wedding. Nor forget to hydrate by drinking lots of water, because that is the key to looking beautiful skin before your wedding.

However, if despite following a proper diet, you want to give your skin a boost of radiance and freshness, you can do an emergency session injections of vitamins and hyaluronic acid to increase the brightness and quality of the skin, improving elasticity and reducing skin imperfections. Of course, this treatment must certify thee always at least two months before the wedding and only in specialized clinics or beauty.

Removes stains from your skin

If you want to look totally perfect on your wedding day, but your problem are spots on the skin, you can submit to a depigmentation treatment to help you eliminate all those imperfections that bother us. Experts recommend starting with this type of treatment about three months before the wedding to have sufficient therapies applied to give their maximum output range.

Mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage

Increasingly fashionable, these treatments will help reduce excess fluid accumulated in your body by reducing volume (lymphatic drainage) and that both uncomfortable cellulite (Mesotherapy).

Please note that you will need several sessions to see results and that, if the loss of volume is important, it may affect tests your wedding dress. We recommend you start at least three months in advance if you’re going to choose one of them.

Have you taken note of all these treatments? Are you thinking of any of them realize yourself facing your big day? Tell us your experience.

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