Cosmetics: What does better your face

Cosmetics What does better your face

We’re about to start the holiday season and we must be great to end this cycle and begin the next in the best way possible: with a lot of encouragement and beautiful. Professional makeup artist and consultant beauty, Norma Ibarra, gives us tips to get the most of day and night, so get your cosmetics and apply, you will be delighted with the results.

1. Facial. This should do the day with three in one cleaner that cleans, exfoliates and removes impurities gently, then you should apply a moisturizer and, finally, the sunscreen of factor 50 or 100 to prevent the sun from staining your face.

2. Powder or liquid foundations? The powders are used to color and a bit of light, but when you want to cover imperfections then can use liquid foundations. If you have healthy skin you can use every day as long as you take it out of your face before sleeping; but if you have acne, better use or compact powder makeup and wash when they get home. Our expert recommends doing two types of soaps, first one and then with a cream that takes away the shine, this in order to remove fat but without drying.

3. Correctors. You can use them after a base for eye shadow, concealer tone yellow and apply the color you choose on your eyelids so that the tone is not lost shadow and highlight more. If you want to cover stains, we recommend mixing with a brush for liquid foundation the yellow tone with dark, like liquid one and apply it on each area you want to cover, then you can apply on face makeup of your choice.

4. Tabs. You decide whether or enchinador enchinas spoon. If you choose the former, heat it with a match or on the stove because then you can get more immediate results without hurting your lashes. If you opt for enchinador, then do it in three steps: first use it deep as pushing a little eyelid inward, then half of the eyelashes and, finally, at the tips, and avoid you stay with effect squad.

5. Lips. If you want to make them thicker uses lip and bright highlights, if you want to look thinner then maquíllalos in brown tones. Makeup day. Use very faint, pink or green water for the eyes, for example, colors and lips only glossy or lipstick shade lighter. For later. You can use makeup on copper or red to wear your charms and see sexy tones.

Makeup night. When we go to an event at night usually in low light and if our makeup is not marked out pale in pictures, so you have permission to put more color in your face.

The color wheel. It’s an album with different shades used by makeup artists to determine which colors go best with each person putting it close to the skin and thus determine what type of ringtones you should use on your face, your clothes and what kind of season you year. Girl winter.

They have bluish black brown eyes, fair complexion and facial lines or are strong. To them they go their tones “fiushas”, red, crimson, blue, violet, yellow, green, emerald and black. Summer Girl.

They are more transparent, pink and fresh faces; its colors are pink, green, blue, pearly gray, light yellow, orange and beige.

Autumn girl. Her skin is white and has reflexes amber, peach or apricot, can sometimes have freckles on his face. The colors are the best you are warm as honey, orange, green, caramel or snuff. Girl spring. Their faces are very sweet, soft tones and they are green, yellow, orange and turquoise.

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