Barbas with glitter, the latest fashion for Christmas

Barbas with glitter, the latest fashion for Christmas

EP The latest trend in fashion strange -absurda- for bearded men is all the rage in social networks, where starting Instagram seems to have come all this movement glitterbeard. Barbas decorated with colored glitter is what every man should know to join Christmas-festive atmosphere that permeates and Internet.

With the farewell of ‘November’ -the month of mustache comes ‘Dismembered’ barbers- -the month of December, and Christmas.

Special occasion to decorate everything even the beards. Already last year, we surprised Ebay selling us a set of Christmas decorations to decorate the facial hair bulky men like a Christmas tree in question.

We were also surprised with the spectacular, extravagant and risky proposals beards decorated Mr. Incredibeard, one of those celebrities Instagram with a long beard and creativity in abundance to design and create designs that his wife helped him launch.

This year, the glitter is fashion. Bearded men Instagram are doing it possible to publish pictures of their prominent facial hairs shining silver, gold, fuchsia colors …

If you have convinced fashion glitter in his beard, the procedure to obtain an effect achieved is as simple as dusting powders glitter on his beard -a possible in a place they have controlled for clean- and prepare to live with glitter beyond when you decide to take it off of him. But to taste the colors, is not it?

Sarena Summay

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