Last trend of combining silver and gold jewelry

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As everyone know there are two basic and fundamental colors in jewelry, these two colors are silver and gold. Do you think that if you have a golden ring you are doomed to not wear silver necklaces?

No, today’s trend of combining gold with silver has been imposed and has gone from being an impossible to set trends and venture inside look the best combination.

When purchasing bracelets, necklaces, earrings can buy silver or gold, what we will be better? Or maybe can we buy and combine the two?

When we have to decide on a gold or silver necklace one of the keys is that you feel good when you wear it since.

Lately we have seen on the Internet and in various boutiques an invasion of jewelry in silver and gold combined. Have you ever wondered why?

Before I was basically forbidden to wear gold and silver in the same look, but now … has broken the great myth that you could not mix silver and gold?

The answer is yes. As we can combine bags and shoes of different color, finally it has broken one of the great myths that persisted in jewelry and fashion in general and has begun to mix in a same look silver and gold.

The key is to choose the pieces you love properly, it is also important to combine the pieces if you like to wear several necklaces and bracelets we recommend that are equal in size and design. To get a perfect look funny and tries to combine silver bracelets with gold bracelets.

Make this combination of silver jewelry with gold jewelry seems easy but to be perfectly combined really need to know to do it the right way.

Take a look at our advice, we’re going to reveal some secrets to create your own look with total freedom without losing elegance.

Combines gold and silver in the same piece, for example, mix both gold rings and silver, so that your stay truly chic look try the rings of both materials are equal. You can also take a multiple chain necklace with silver and gold, or something that is really good is to bring together several bracelets, a gold and other silver.

Use different parts, for example, silver rings and pendants of gold, this combination is more complicated but a harmony is achieved can lead to incredible results.

In this type of combination it is really good to use thin or minimalist necklaces and rings, so if you want to do a combination of these materials this can be an excellent choice.

What should you avoid mixing these materials?

Something you should avoid altogether is to use a look the same color or tone, for example combining a gold dress with gold jewelry because it does not combine too well, it is best to use silver jewelry but are parts that do not have a great size.

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