Summer camp weddings: A mix of nostalgia and adventure


Weddings have become true celebrations of the happy couple’s unique style, budget and the general outlook on life. It is no longer necessary to stick to a traditional church wedding and hotel reception; there are hundreds of alternatives. One of the best at the moment is the summer camp wedding.  It offers a variety of options and benefits:


There is little more romantic than saying your vows under a canopy of trees with the sunlight gently streaming in. It is also an excellent way of avoiding the need for decorations; nature provides everything you need.

The mess hall

A rustic wooden cottage can either have been or even still be a mess hall; in fact you could even use a building that creates this feeling. Your guests will love to be reminded of their days at summer camp and the hall makes a magnificent setting for your reception.


This can made from old trees with handwritten directions or points of reference. The rustic look of these signs will add a natural feel to your wedding, showing that you care about the environment.


A camp wedding will allow you the opportunity to have all your favorite foods on display.  Simply create a camp table with a wide range of snacks. These should be available for all guests to help themselves too. It can make a stunning display.


If you choose to use an existing summer camp you will be able to invite all your guests to stay in the cabins on site. Not only should this bring back fond memories, but you will have fun enjoying an adult slumber party.


As the evening whiles away you can create your own campfire and roast s’mores. Add a variety of toppings, such as caramel, peanut butter or even pretzels. Everyone will enjoy sitting round the fire, adding their favorite toppings while swapping stories or memories.


It is not difficult to choose the right place to have your wedding photos taken; in fact, you may be spoilt for choice as Mother Nature can provide a range of fantastic settings. Additionally, your guests will capture a huge range of experiences that you simply cannot see for yourself on the day. All of the pictures will be romantic thanks to the stunning scenery.


It is easy to choose your flowers for the ceremony, simply use the same ones as the wild flowers that appear at your chosen summer camp. You will complement the scenery perfectly. If your choice of venue is a rustic countryside cottage, and you choose to have the ceremony outside there’s really no need to add flowers. Let the surrounding land complement the décor; the wild flower fields, trees and soothing ambiance will be enough.

Camping trip

A summer camp has lots f accessories that can be used or simply adorn the venue to create the right effect. Canoes and tents will make everyone feel like they are on a camping trip and whisk them away from reality; even if only for a short while.

The trunk

Instead of a gift table you should have a traditional camping trunk. It creates a wonderful memento and an attractive display at your chosen venue. It will also be the perfect way to ensure your gifts are kept safe during the wedding.

The boat

You can arrive at your ceremony by boat! Kayak or canoe is a fantastic way to arrive, you will drift serenely across the water, while your friends and family await. You will almost certainly feel like a princess going to her prince.

Furniture set-up

The tables and chairs at the site can be used to create an easy, no fuss display. It will be rustic and in keeping with the theme of the wedding as well as free! Be careful when choosing furniture pieces; since you’re wedding is outside, tables and chairs must be easy to move and organize.

Last but not least, the best part of a summer camp wedding is that you can create the venue according to your own experiences at summer camp. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

By Alfred Stallion and!

Mac Joee

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