How to Pick Out a Stylish Mattress to Suit Your Bedroom Decor


You hear the same story from every retailer: How do I decide which the best mattress is? There’s just too many of them! We’ve heard about the importance of sleep, and the importance of choosing a good mattress to that process, but in amaze of choice, how should a lay-consumer narrow their choices to the best possible mattress for them?

Why mattress choice is difficult

Comparison shopping, the tool we all turn to for most purchases, is almost impossible for mattresses since mattress retailers often exclusively stock certain brands from manufacturers so that the mattress you like in one shop has a completely different name in the other store.

And then there’s the feature-speak that doesn’t mean a thing to the average consumer: viscoelastic memory foam, advanced pocket coil technology, PrimaCool Gel, extended warranties. And all these features won’t mean the same thing to different people, because with mattresses, comfort is highly subjective; otherwise the entire process would be simple.

Many people simply walk into a mattress store and are met by a “sea of white rectangles”; all so fundamentally different, but difficult to select because most look the same. The features and components that make one mattress more desirable that another are hidden within the mattress, and the truth is that it’s difficult to ascertain how comfortable one mattress is (or not) by spending one minute on it, or even five. Having that many choices is both a blessing and a curse.

How to work through the maze

Aesthetics are less important for your mattress choice; most of the ones you’ll see already look good and can be worked into your bedroom décor with ease. Instead, focus on the ‘software’ features – the things you cannot see, but feel right to you.

Self-limiting your options might be a good start. Talk to the salespeople and give him/her a rough idea of the kind of mattress that you like plus your budget. Then, do not sample more than three or four options so that you aren’t confused by too many choices. This may already be a store where you shop. You can start by looking online for various options so that you have some idea when going into the store.

Spending more isn’t synonymous with comfort. Having spent thousands of dollars on a mattress doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll enjoy a night thereon. Buying a mattress is highly subjective; some people prefer plush while others love firm. Don’t break your budget getting a mattress; some of the features that are sold as add-ons or accessories are things you can do well without. Industry experts say that for as low as $600, you can get a nice-quality, well-constructed mattress to last your many years.

Go to a reputable store. Because you mostly cannot see the differences between mattresses, going to an expert and reputable store like City Mattress Lancaster 4970 Transit Rd. is important. Good stores have a reputation to protect and are therefore likely to stock good-quality products and have more expertise to guide you through the purchase process.

Once you’ve made the final decision, read the fine-print of your choice before purchase. For instance, do they allow for returns? What is the warranty/guarantee policy? Is the price negotiable? Try to time your purchase around sale periods, where you’re likely to score better deals.


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