Know these Christmas myths from across the globe

Say who showers you the alluring Christmas gifts? Kids would say about a fat man named Santa coming down from North Pole in his sledge vehicle while the grown-ups would recall their friends and family members.

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The gift exchange tradition for Christmas has many stories wrapped around it. Take a look below:

  1. La Befana from Italy: La Befana is an Italian Christmas witch who is pictured as someone sitting over a broomstick with a large bag. As per the Italian folk tales, she pays a visit to all the kids on Epiphany Eve and takes a note who has been naughty and who has been good. The good kids get gifts and candies form her as a Christmas gifts and the naughty ones gets a dump of charcoal.
  2. Gry’la from Iceland: This is the weirdest tale you would ever listen. Gry’la lives over the mountain and is a giant. She travels from the lofty mountains in search of naughty kids and they are snatched and eaten by her. Isn’t this the most horrifying tales ever?!
  3. Yule Lads from Iceland: Yule Lads is a group of 13 guys whose mother is none other than the giant Gry’la. They take a tour to villages 13 days prior to Christmas and each of them keeps a small gift for the nice kids while a rotten potato is kept for the naughty kids. They are bloodthirsty murderers and also impish pranksters.
  4. Belsnickel from Europe: This legend is one of the firsts who divided the naughty kids from the good ones. Stories say that he takes a tour all-round the year and left yummy candies in house of nice kids and gave chance to redeem the deeds to the naughty ones. In case these naughty kids are adamant enough to change behavior, he used to take them to deep forests and punish them for their bad manners.
  5. Frau Perchta from Austria: Legends talk of this scary face in Bavaria and Austria. She roams the countryside between the Christmas and Epiphany. Now, if kids and servants were nice to her, she would drop a silver coin. In case they were not able to satisfy her, she would cut open their abdomen and take out all the organs to be replaced by straw.

Aren’t all these legendary stories interesting? All across the world, you would find some kind of stories for their festivals. But have you ever thought if Santa’s gift galore would have been interesting than candies if he would have gone for Christmas gifts online? May be Santa couldn’t but you can do that and become the best Santa ever. Glittering Christmas decorating balls, Christmas trees, Red Velvet cake, or a cake baking machine – are some of the gifts that would make your loved ones happier.


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