There are More Plus Size Swimsuit Options Online than Ever Before


Many larger women find it intimidating to shop for plus size swimwear in retail stores. The great news for these women is that it is easy to find swimwear deals online. Additionally, there are many more choices than ever before so do not be intimidated — online retailers make it easier every year to peruse the new styles before committing. Before you start your easy online shopping experience, consider your body type, research your retailers, and be bold. Follow these three steps, and you’ll have the perfect swimsuit in no time.

Know Your Body Type

If you have an apple shape where you carry most of your weight around your middle, then look for a swimsuit that elongates the body like a suit with a scooped-front waistband. The design experts at online retailer swimsuitsforall tell us that if you are proud of the way that your legs look, then consider buying high-cut swimwear that has some accessory that draws the viewer’s eye to this area and away from your middle. If you feel that your shoulders are too broad, look for wide straps and square necks or consider the new trend of putting mesh fabric at the top of the suit bringing it closer to your neck. Suits that offer shirring through the stomach area helps to hide weight in this area. While every woman has the right to wear what she wants, generally apple-shaped women should consider avoiding swimwear like bikinis that naturally draw a viewer’s attention to the stomach area. Many retailers offer personalized body type calculators for you to use; check out the latest options at to learn your body type and make shopping even easier.

Consider Your Options

Alternatively, if you have a pear-shaped body where your top is smaller than your bottom, the experts at swimsuitsforall recommend that you make sure to consider takinis and skirtinis because they naturally emphasize the legs. Suits that offer molded cups are also a great alternative. If your body offers plenty of curves, then look for a swimsuit that has a wide sash around the middle and just one strap across the shoulder to help elongate your body and make your curves appear more natural.

Don’t Forget About Support

If your bust is bigger than the rest of your body, then look for swimsuits that have wide straps. Additionally, consider swimwear featuring underwire bras. Swimwear that has a large band under the breast not only looks great but also often offer additional support. Wearing swimwear made from super stretchy fabric can be a great way to get the support you need throughout the summer.

There are many reasons why you may need the perfect swimwear even when it is not summer — after all, trips to the local pool or even surprise vacations can spring up at a moment’s notice. You may choose to jet off to a place where the summer sun is shining even if the snow is three feet deep at your house. Cruises are also popular and no cruise is complete without a dip or two in the ship’s pools. When you look to find swimwear deals online, you are not stuck with the limited selection in your retail area. Therefore, you can easily find swimwear that you love.


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