8 Reasons Why Renting a Car is Better than Public Transportation

car hire while traveling

If one needs to travel and do not have a car, there are several options, with public transport being just one, yet with the inconvenience of scheduled departures, one doesn’t have the freedom that comes with hiring a vehicle. If a person is undecided whether to take the train or hire a car, here are a few reasons why vehicle renting makes sense.

  1. Cheap car rental is an affordable way to move around at one’s leisure, and with a range of vehicles, there will be something suitable. Renting a car gives a person unlimited freedom of movement, and if a person is in unfamiliar territory, it is nice to explore without the hassle of catching a bus.
  1. Public transport limits a person to what they can carry, and most of the time we have more than a single bag, whereas hiring a car allows one to take the luggage and anything else that is necessary for the trip.
  1. The comfort and convenience that a rented vehicle offers is far removed from the cramped seating that a bus or train can provide, and if comfort is important, consider hiring something suitable. Ace Rent a Car are a Perth based company with an extensive range of top quality vehicles, so if the group are travelling in WA, they are the people to talk to.
  1. With public transport, delays and cancellation inevitably happen, and this can be very inconvenient for the traveller, who has to be somewhere at a specific time. Hiring a car eliminates this, and allows the person to travel where and when they wish, with no inconvenience.
  1. Fixed routes mean inconvenient travel, and one can lose an awful lot of time waiting for buses or trains. If the destination is off the beaten track, it might take several changes before arriving, and it is possible that the service does not extend to one’s destination. Bus timetables are notoriously unpredictable, and then you have the added problem of missing a connection, which could put the whole trip in jeopardy.
  1. If one doesn’t want to be tied to bus or train timetables, hiring a car is perfect, as one can literally come and go as one pleases, and if the plan is a tour of the region, navigating buses and trains would be a bit of a nightmare.
  1. Public transport is obviously useful, but there are certain situations where it becomes a problem. Finding the right connections can be a daunting prospect, and don’t be surprised if the route doesn’t include a person’s destination.
  1. Every time a person decides to go somewhere, they don’t want to have to check the bus timetable. An excursion in the middle of the night might sound exciting, but unless you rented a car, more often than not, it will be impossible.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, hiring a cheap car is the best solution, as it gives one total freedom, and with a range of excellent vehicles, there will be something just right.


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