Little Known Salon Secrets for Your Curly Hair

Curly Hair

When you think about magnificent curls, the first impression is some models cat walking down a red carpet. Little do people know that you can rock the same curls in the office or even in the grocery store! What you need is a good hair dresser who understands how to take acre of curly hair and a few tips to keep your curls looking beautiful always. Curls Rock, one of the most vibrant curly hair salons in Boca Raton, Florida has the following tips to share.

The Cut

It is no secret that for you to keep curls, you need a great deal of care. The first step therefore is to locate a salon with professionals who know how to style and texture curly hair. Qualified hair dressers will work with your curly hair’s natural texture, movement, as well as the growing patterns.

The cut they give you will transform and give balance to your look and tame your rebellious locks. When you get a stylish cut that is targeted for curly hair, the level of volume and dimension of your hair will be brought into the right angle.

The Style

On a day-to-day basis, hair professionals in salons see all sorts of curls. As a result, they always have a solution to every variant of curly hair. They will know how to soften your fascial features and give you a dramatic look by framing your face with spirals and sweep your hair back from the forehead.

Because of their experience, they can show you the best way to wear your curls either in a bun or scrunch it altogether to give you that messy, but attractive look. For instance, the stylists at Curls Rock are so used to working with curly and textured hair that they can easily relax and straighten your curls with chemical relaxers, straightening iron or with a blowout.

Styling Products

Every salon professional knows that when styling hair, you need the right styling products. This is true even in curly hair and your choice of products will determine the shape and gloss as well as keep the frizzes at bay. Styling products can prevent hair damage.

Working with curly hair requires that you select products that will define the curls and smooth the hair shafts. Because curly hair is dryer, giving it an intensive moisturizing treatment at least on a weekly basis can do you good. If you are in doubt as to the products to use, you can get in touch with our salon for professional advice.

Curls for Straight Hair

As you may know, perms are out, but if you have straight hair, you can still treat yourself to a few curls. What happens is that the curly hair stylist creates a bouncy volume using rollers and glossy pin curls or blowout. They also apply a styling lotion and work your hair with a diffusion dryer.

It won’t take long even for the finest hair to start curling. This is what professionalism can do and at Curls Rock, we have you covered.


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