Beauty Secrets from the Land Down Under

There’s something really special about those Aussie girls. It’s like they are always completely flawless and they aren’t even trying. Logically, we did some research in order to find out their beauty secrets. Here are the best ones we’ve discovered!


Yarrow was originally used by Aboriginal women for healing, cosmetic and medicinal purposes, and it is still used today. It’s basically a herb that grows practically everywhere and has many amazing properties that can help you deal with countless problems – from common colds all the way to intestinal problems. Also, yarrow is a great skin wash, especially for oily and irritated skin. Even better, this wash is super easy to make – just pour 2 cups of boiling water over 1 cup of yarrow flowers that were previously dried and crumbled, let the mixture cool a little bit and then pat it onto your skin with cotton pads.



This is basically a completely new and advanced form of a mini facelift also known as MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) lift. It’s much less invasive than popular techniques and requires shorter recovery time and smaller scars. Also, it improves your upper cheek area, lower face, as well as the neck area. It’s highly popular among Aussie women, since their beauty mirrors in looking as young as possible.

The gut matters

The latest Aussie skincare craze is called “drinkable skincare” since it promotes increasing the intake of probiotics and collagen. And it has confirmed what we’ve all known for a long time – there’s a powerful connection between your gut and your complexion. Aside from turning to those cool foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins, Aussie girls also adore fermented foods, since they are easily digested and all the nutrients from them are much more easily absorbed. This happens because probiotics are actually the products of fermentation, and they help you secure a healthy gut and incredible skin.



SPF is important and should never be neglected. Aussies know that very well since their sun can be pretty harsh, and it is known to be number 1 country in the world for skin cancer diseases. In other words, sun protection is an important part of their daily skincare routine.

So whatever your skincare routine is, if you’re not using SPF, you’re doing it wrong! Winter, spring, fall or summer, those UV rays never sleep, and if you want to have that radiant and healthy looking skin like these girls do, you have to take some serious precautions. Apply the sunscreen daily, wear clothes that cover your skin and always remember that beauty lies in great protection.

A smile brighter than the sun

It is completely logical that sun-kissed beauties usually have pearly-white teeth. However, not everyone is blessed with those. That’s why many of them opt to put quality porcelain veneers in Sydney – since this city is known to have the best dentists in the whole country. Besides that, they take really good care of their pearly whites. Not only do they brush them after every meal, but they also occasionally rinse them with sea water, floss them daily, and eat healthy.

Messy hair

Messy hair, don’t care

Or as they like to say it – an undone hair is not a thing, it is a lifestyle! The secret to Aussie women’s effortlessly beautiful look lies in their power to rock an undone hair all the time. It is this simple. Groomed and over-blown hair may sometimes make you look like you’re trying too hard, and if you want to follow the Aussie vibe, that is something you should never do. So let the nature do its thing and give your hair a little break – do not blow dry it, avoid both flat and curling iron, and just let it be. You’ll be following the Aussie beauty movement and helping your hair recover a little bit at the same time.

Unconventional hair treatments

To maintain and brighten their blonde hair, Aussie women usually tend to use ‘unconventional’ ingredients from, believe it or not, their kitchen. Lemon juice and chamomile tea will help you make your hair lighter, and ketchup (yes, ketchup!) can help you get rid of that green tint coming from pool chlorine. The combination of baking soda and cleansing shampoo also does the same thing.

So there you have it, the most useful and interesting tips from the land down under. What do you think about them? Which ones are you going to you include in your routines? Feel free to share your experiences with us.


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