5 Things You Can Do to Custom Suits That You Can’t Do with Ordinary Suits


Because of the fast-paced world that people live in today, many desire immediacy over accuracy. To put it in another way, most would prefer quantity over quality, to keep up with the speed of things.

The same is true about clothes. Industrialisation and machines have made mass production of clothing easier, albeit sacrificing quality. The people who live in the modern age choose to make do with commercially produced suits instead of taking time to get a made to measure suit.

While having a customised suit does take a lot of time, there are certain aspects of having a tailored suit that make it more durable, higher in quality, and unique. Here are some of the things that you can do to a custom suit compared to one picked up from the shelf of a mall:

  1. Choose the type of fabric to use

It can be frustrating to most when they find the perfect suit colour or style, only to feel that the material used is just not good enough for their preference. By having a custom suit, you can choose which type of fabric to use for their suit beforehand.

  1. Get the perfect fit

In the clothes section, stores often categorise clothes according to the different kinds of fit; the most common of these are slim fit, tailor fit, and regular fit. These are how manufacturers refer to the measurement ratio of sleeves, torso, neckline, and so on. With custom suits, there is no need to scour through the shelves in search of the fit that accentuates your figure, because the tailor will take the exact measurements.

  1. Find the right colour

Colour is often used to express a mood, which helps a lot during formal occasions or job interviews. Having your suit customised is a sure-fire way of finding just the right hue and colour of the fabric.

  1. Quality is guaranteed

Because made to measure suits are done one at a time, you can be sure that it will have the right amount of stitches per inch, and that the thread used, the fabric and other materials used for the suit are valued for their quality and not just for their production value.

  1. Have longer lasting clothes

With made to measure suits, the seams are stronger, fabrics are of better quality, and measurements are more accurate than for off-the-peg suits. Working with a tailor promises longer-lasting clothes, not only because they are better when compared to mass-produced suits, but they also fit more accurately, and the chances of outgrowing them are null.

Having a tailor make you a suit takes time and effort compared to just going out shopping but made to measure suits are far more customisable and durable compared to any clothing. Despite falling short on immediacy, custom suits do possess quality, accentuate your figure, and in overall, fit better than any clothing that you may or may not find in a mall.

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